Membership Plans

Supplier Network Increases Membership Renewal Fees, Effective 7/1/21

Thanks to the support of our members, the Supplier Network has recently observed many significant milestones such as celebrating our 5-year anniversary, welcoming our 500th member, attracting significantly more members to attend events, and hosting more events than ever before.

In light of these successes, the Supplier Network is offering more value to our members than ever before. At the same time, the Network has not raised its fees since it began in 2015, and the time has come to make an increase. The additional funding will be used to support the infrastructure for our growing Supplier Network and elevate the quality of our events.

Earlier this year, the Supplier Network Board of Directors approved the following fee structure changes, which went into effect for renewing members on 7/1/2021:  

  • Increase membership fees at all levels

  • Increase the number of employees who are covered in a Standard membership from 2 to 3

  • Add a NEW membership level called Executive Unlimited to give an "all in" price that an organization could extend to global members and keep their administrative paperwork to a minimum 

Membership Level

Members included

Membership Fees


Up to 3 members


Corporate Membership

Up to 8 members


Executive Unlimited (EU)

Unlimited members within the company


With an eye toward being an inclusive group, the price difference between these levels is driven by the number of people included under the membership. All members receive the same benefits. 

As a way of thanking our current members, the Supplier Network is:

  • offering the Corporate and EU upgrade immediately, with the increased dues not going into effect until the next renewal date for the organization

  • offering anyone with a Standard Membership the opportunity to add a third member immediately, and pay the higher fee with their next fee pay cycle

We thank you for your support as we transition to the new fee structure. If you‘d like to take advantage of the upgrades now, or if you‘d like to know the date your renewal is due, please email Otherwise, you‘ll see the new pricing reflected with your next fee renewal notice.