Membership Plans

Supplier Network Membership Levels and Fees

Thanks to the support of our members, the Supplier Network has recently observed many significant milestones such as celebrating our 9-year anniversary, welcoming our 800th member, attracting significantly more members to attend events, and hosting more events than ever before.  In light of these successes, the Supplier Network is offering more value to our members than ever before. 

We offer three different membership levels (explained below).  If you are a new member and have any questions, or are a current member and would like to change to a different level, please contact us and we can help you!

Membership level

Members included

Yearly membership fees


Up to 3 members



Up to 8 members


Executive Unlimited (EU)*

Unlimited members within company


*On the rare occasion the Supplier Network must limit the numbers of guests due to space restrictions, EU Memberships will be offered additional representative(s) at the event.

We thank you for your support!