Our Purpose


Create a strong, stable network of suppliers who actively seek opportunities to positively impact the McDonalds business, now and in the future.


We will support and help strengthen the McDonalds system by leveraging the knowledge, experience, and contributions of our diverse supplier network.


  • Building and elevating System knowledge and expertise

  • Fostering dedication to the System

  • Providing visionary leadership

Ray Kroc said it best,
"None of us is as good as all of us."


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Non-Commercialization Policy:
The use of any name, address or other information obtained through the Supplier Network website for the purpose of issuing solicitation materials without the prior consent or expression of interest by the receiving party would violate the Supplier Network's policies and would be a basis for the immediate withdrawal of my access privileges to the site.

Electronic Materials Policy:
All materials downloaded from the Supplier Network website are for members only. Should any materials be shared with non-members without the prior consent of SN would violate SN's policies and would be a basis for the immediate withdrawal of access privileges to the site.


As the Supplier Network (SN) has grown, it is important that the bylaws reflect changes caused by this growth in membership, as there are now over 500 members.  The new bylaws document is here.  Please note that Term Limits for Board and Executive Board are now clearly defined, and Membership and Election procedures sections are updated.