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Ray Kroc said it best,
"None of us is as good as all of us."


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Letter from the Presidents...
Hello Supplier Network Members,
Don’t look now but the month of August is already in our rearview mirror.  As we continue to deliver on our promise to Enrich Engagement in 2019, we look back on the exciting events that have occurred during the spring and summer months and look forward to those that will be taking place before we close out 2019.
  • In May, Chef Mike Lingo was our host for a webinar that took us through the process for Bringing Consumer Loved Offerings to the Menu.  Participants were given a behind the scenes look at all that took place to bring Donut Sticks to your local McDonald’s. 
  • We followed up in June with a presentation by Jori Hume, McDonald’s Manager for Global Advocacy & Ambassadorship, on how McDonald’s uses volunteerism to support their Scale for Good and the Velocity Growth Strategy.
  • Our webinar in August featured HAVI Packaging Services as they gave us a peek under the tent about the work that goes on to highlight the customer’s food experience through the use of packaging.  Important information was shared about McDonald’s Scale for Good and the work being done in anticipation of their goal in 2025 to recycle all guest packaging at the restaurants.
  • August was a busy month as Kristi Gislason, Project Manager - Global Quality Systems, told us about the work she is doing regarding the McDonald’s Global Food Charter.  Simplicity is the name of the game as McDonald’s delivers on their promise to provide their customers with delicious food that they feel good about eating.
Webinars play an important role in our ability to provide value to our members, especially those who are not Chicago based.  And just a reminder that if your busy schedule did not allow you to attend the live broadcast, view it at your leisure by visiting “The Link” page on our website and scroll down to “Word on the McStreet.”  We archive our webinars there for so that they can be readily accessible to our members.
What’s in store going forward?
  • You don’t want to miss our upcoming September 17th Executive Meet & Greet featuring Warren Anderson, Vice President of Global Supply Chain & Sustainability.  Seats are going fast so make your plans now to attend this informative event and immediately following Power Hour at MHQ
  • Check out our “Spotlight and Chef’s Corner” tab under “The Link” to read the interviews that were done with our featured McDonald’s Stakeholders.  Find out whom they would select as the actor/actress to play them if their life was going to be made into a major motion picture.
And join us as we welcome our newest members to the Supplier Network Board of Directors.  Jackie Radecki from Novolex and Wendy Redmond from S&D Coffee have been recently elected to our Board.  Previously, they have served as Supplier Network committee members and are excited to take their seats at the table as we work to continue to Link the Great Suppliers in the McDonald’s System together.
Jan Perrino and Jeanne Gannon
Supplier Network Co-Presidents
All members must be current suppliers to the McDonald’s system in North America.  A “supplier” is defined as those suppliers who have a signed Business Relationship Agreement with McDonald’s, and who have been approved by McDonald's to offer products and/or services to the McDonald’s system or whose pricing is nationally managed by McDonald’s North American Supply Chain.  Other suppliers or service providers who don’t meet the above definition but would like to participate in the SN may be granted membership at the discretion of the SN’s Board of Directors and with McDonald’s approval.