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Ray Kroc said it best,
"None of us is as good as all of us."


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Letter from the Presidents...
Hello Supplier Network Members,
As we spin out of the turn during the month of May, much has been happening for our members since we last wrote.  We promised to Enrich Engagement in 2019 and we have been doing just that.
  • On February 26th, our members were treated to a tour of Parts Town, an award winning state of the art facility offering official OEM parts to McDonald’s Owner Operators.  Jeff Cook, Senior Director of Equipment Engineering for McDonald’s Restaurant Solutions Group, provided a behind the scenes look at how he approaches innovation at McDonald’s in an ever changing and challenging environment.
  • We hosted the much-anticipated Executive Meet & Greet at MHQ on March 5th featuring Marion Gross and members of the Supplier Advisory Council.  Our moderators, Michael Vinson from Schreiber and Morgan Faase from Kerry, had the pleasure of posing questions to  Marion, John Burke from Armada, Ed Sanchez from Lopez Foods and Eric Johnson from Baldwin Richardson Foods.  Each candidly shared their thoughts on the state of the business and provided insight into the work that is being done on behalf of Suppliers by the Supplier Advisory Council. 
  • Our Events team has been very busy lining up webinars covering topics such as Economic Impact and Second Tier Diversity Reporting, Social Media from the Experts: Instagram 101, The Evolution of the Better Burger and Changing the Conversation at McDonald’s.  Many of these webinars were presented by McDonald’s staff members and allowed you to be truly kept in the loop and up to date as they gave you a sneak peek at what they have been working on.
  • The Supplier Network continued to “Link Great Together” on May 7th when members were treated to a unique opportunity to connect with fellow Food, Packaging and Equipment Suppliers at our First Annual Speed McNetworking Event hosted by Olam.  Survey respondents commented on this awesome event and how it allowed them to efficiently meet and connect with others to discuss opportunities to work together and to share challenges, too.  They were then treated to a Power Hour featuring delicious appetizers made by Olam’s Chef Jill Houk.   
So what else can you expect in 2019?
  • Tune in on May 22nd for our Webinar detailing the McDonald’s Process for Bringing Consumer Lover Offerings to Menu.  Mike Lingo will walk you through the Menu Innovation Process from start to finish.
  • On June 5th Jori Hume, McDonald’s Manager for Global Advocacy & Ambassadorship, will let you know  how McDonald’s uses volunteerism to support the Scale for Good and the Velocity Growth Strategy.
  • We return on September 17th with another in our Executive Meet & Greet series featuring Warren Anderson, Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Sustainability.  Warren works out of the McDonald’s London office and will be in Chicago in September for McDonald’s leadership meetings.  This will be followed by a Power Hour where you will have the opportunity to meet Warren one-on-one, so plan accordingly.
  • And check out all that is available at your fingertips with a quick tour of the new additions to the Supplier Network Website.  Discover little known facts about McDonald’s Stakeholders via the Spotlight Interviews and check out the tabs under Member Resources to find the Supply Chain Organizational Chart, Master Calendar and the latest, greatest McDonald’s Acronyms.
Continue to Enrich your own Engagement and make the best use of your membership by taking advantage of the many Supplier Network offerings. 

 Jan Perrino and Jeanne Gannon
Supplier Network Co-Presidents 
All members must be current suppliers to the McDonald’s system in North America.  A “supplier” is defined as those suppliers who have a signed Business Relationship Agreement with McDonald’s, and who have been approved by McDonald's to offer products and/or services to the McDonald’s system or whose pricing is nationally managed by McDonald’s North American Supply Chain.  Other suppliers or service providers who don’t meet the above definition but would like to participate in the SN may be granted membership at the discretion of the SN’s Board of Directors and with McDonald’s approval.